"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

Barney the Siberian Husky 

About me...

I am good with other dogs.

I have a high prey drive, no small furries. 

I am nervous of strangers.

I am well mannered but need raining on resource guarding. 

I like shorter walks. 

AGE:                                                LOCATION:                                                              SEX: 

Likes ​


Barney is a lovable boy who likes shorter walkies and chilling on the sofa.  

Type of home needed

Barney is looking for a forever home with breed experience and knowledge with resource guarding. 

He likes other dogs and could do with another, calmer dog for company. He is very well mannered, can be left in the home for a period of time and is toilet trained. He has a high prey drive so no small furries in the home. 

Barney would do better in a calm household with little visitors, or somewhere he can go when visitors come around the home. He has been seen to guard humans as well as items which would need to be monitored in and outside the house around strangers. Due to the guarding we are looking for a child free home. 

More information...

Barney came into our care from a kennel where he was shut down and severely under weight. We have worked with Barney to increase his weight and get him back into good shape before finding his forever home. He was returned to the kennels by an adoptive home due to biting someone because of his guarding issues, this will be a on going training task to ensure it is managed. 

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