Bonnie & Clyde Siberian Husky Duo - No. 729 - 730

"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

About me...

Possibly about to live with other dogs with careful introductions.

 High prey drive cannot live with small furries.

Need training, have had very little training but are food orientated.

Love long walkies but are VERY strong on a lead.

Older children only due to being bouncy.

AGE:                               LOCATION:                                      SEX: 
Female and Male

Likes ​

Bonnie and Clyde love longs walks and are very food orientated. They are the best of friends so looking for a forever home together.

Type of home needed

This adorable duo are looking for a home together as a bonded pair. They need a home that likes to go out on walks and which has time to do basic training with them. They are very strong on the lead and would need training on their pulling. 

They are very food orientated and would do well using this in their training. 

Bonnie and Clyde are very energetic, bouncy dogs so are looking for a home with older, dog savvy children. No cats due to their high prey drive, they would suit a dog free home but may be able to live with another if there are careful introductions.

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