"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

About me...

I would like a female dog companion.

I am not cat-friendly.

I am food with people

I am house trained

I love long walks.

Buddy the Alaskan Malamute - No. 686

AGE:                                                LOCATION:                                                              SEX: 
London & Kent

Likes ​

Buddy a.k.a. Bubbles LOVES human cuddles, once he gets to know you. He likes to have space to himself at times but loves his walkies and play times too. 

Type of home needed

Bubbles would suite a home with older dog-savvy children. He would be OK to live with another female dog but would need correct introductions when first in a new home. He loves human attention,just needs a little time to get to know you first.

More information...

He would love a home who can offer him time to settle down, somewhere he can be the centre of attention and go for lots of walks. 

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