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Meet Ali...

                                                Name: Ali Bradley 

                                                Age: 28

                                                Favourite Past Time: Football, Reptiles and Basically anything that                                                    involves being outdoors

                                                Favourite Film: Anything Horror closely followed by Comedies 

                                                Favourite Music: Depends on my Mood I don't have one certain                                                      type. 

                                                Favourite Food: Chicken Korma 


What area do you cover: The South 

How long have you owed a Sled dog?

Nearly 10 years 

What made you want a sled dog? 

I Grew up around working dogs all my life and I've always been drawn to Sibes so when I was old enough to choose my own dog I finally made the dream come true. No looking back since

First Sled Dogs Name and what Breed?
Meeka Siberian Husky 

How long have you been working as a volunteer in Animal rescue, and with Saints?
Lost count but I think about 4/5 years with Saints and a couple of years previous. 

What made you want to join Saints?
Good Reputation. Made us feel very welcome. Its like One big Family and they put the dogs first not
their one Egos. 

Worst owning Sled Dog Memory?
Coming home to Exploded Sofas.
Being pulled over face first in the mud on the finish line during a race with a fair few spectators while
the dogs were causally grinning and starring at me 

Best Owning Sled Dog Memory?
Competing in my first full season of racing with my pack of misfit rescues and kicking arse and seeing
the pure heart and soul they put into it and the enjoyment on their faces!!