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Meet Damion..

                                               Name: Damion Burbridge

                                               Age: 33

                                               Favourite past time: Fishing, and just being outdoors

                                               Favourite film: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Fellowship of the Ring if I                                                   have to pick one, or Troll Hunter if I need an obscure pick

                                               Favourite music: Metal, Rock, heavier and chuggier the better

                                               Favourite food: Got to be a good Chilli. But a burger is a close                                                       second.


What area do you cover: Midlands and the website.

How long have you owned a sled dog?

10 years, only had to live with them for 2 years though! 

What made you want a sled dog?

Ugly personalities and their nature of being a idiot. Unfortunately we seem to break them of these traits?! For better or worse, the sled dogs have been a god send. Its nice to be able to use them as an excuse to wander around for hours on end on a weekend and get lost... 

First sled dogs name and what breed?

Miya, Siberian Husky, ex lead race dog - head strong! 

How long have you been working as a volunteer in animal rescue, and with Saints?

Worked with other rescues prior to Saints, so about 10 years, but with Saints since its birth 6 years ago. 

What made you want to join Saints?

I was forced to help out by Shell. She made me do it! Honest.... But its nice being able to transport dogs, seeing their faces when they gain that trust and helping them in to the foster homes. Now with our home we've been able to foster and reluctantly let dogs move on to their furever homes. 

Worst owning a sled dog memory?  

Sam and Storm use to get on like a house on fire, until something narked them... and a big fight broke out. I literally got in the middle to separate them and somehow one was around 10 yards away down the down and the other on top of the chest freezer?  Both sort of sat there looking at me like it was a scene from some Marvel film! 

Best owning a sled dog memory? 

Fostering dogs who come with tags and baggage of being feral and ferocious and turning out to be the most placid and loving dogs. When eventually going to their foster homes and  settling in seeing the pictures and videos of them loving life like their did in our home.