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Meet the Dave...

                                                     Name: Dave Warner

                                                     Age: 34

                                                     Favourite past time: Football 

                                                     Favourite film: Marvel series

                                                     Favourite music: Into all sorts 

                                                     Favourite food: Cheeseburger 





What area do you cover: Wales 

How long have you owned a sled dog? 

4 Years

What made you want a sled dog? 
Seeing Jack and Ski advertisement can’t say any more really

First sled dogs name and what breed?
Jack and Ski Siberian Huskies

How long have you been working as a volunteer in animal rescue, and with Saints? 
3-4 years 

What made you want to join Saints? 
The work they do is amazing 

Worst owning a sled dog memory?

As Letty can’t walk in straight line she seen another dog, got our legs tangled and I became a human sledge 

Best owning a sled dog memory?
Their happy faces everyday especially if I’m taking them for a run