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Meet Dennis...

                                                 Name: Dennis Gillespie

                                                 Age: One of the oldies at 54 

                                                 Favourite past time: Lots but mainly being Logans slave with                                                           constant petting lol

                                                 Favourite film:  I like most but enjoy Fast and the Furious ones

                                                 Favourite music: Can’t beat Queen or Meatloaf or 80's in general 

                                                      Favourite food: Haggis



Area you cover: Bonnie Scotland 

How long have you owned a sled dog?

I don't actually own one but I am step dad to Blue and Logan and dad to my Ben who thinks he is a husky.

What made you want a sled dog?
I have always admired the breed as i love wolves but being stepdad to two and been foster dad to many.

First sled dogs name and breed?

Would be my step boy blue who is a Siberian Husky .

How long have you been working as a volunteer in animal rescue, and with Saints?
Well i got involved when my partner started fostering but started fundraising at vet school rodeo in 2017 

Worst owning a sled dog memory?
Well it could be getting dragged a 100 yards when the 3 seen a fox or being licked all over my head with one of the foster dogs (jinx)

Best owning a sled dog memory?
Would be to see the joy in their faces when it's snowing