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Meet Ollie...

                                                Name: Ollie Dawson

                                                Age: 30 but mental age is lower lol 

                                                Favourite past time: I have many but my most favourite times are                                                      when I am with friends and family camping

                                                Favourite film: The Italian job (sorry but you just can't beat this film)

                                                Favourite music: Various depends on mood lol 

                                                Favourite food: You just gotta love a steak and chips or fish and                                                      chips 


Area you cover: Leicestershire 

How long have you owned a sled dog?

Owned a couple for a couple of years but have been round the bread a lot longer 

What made you want a sled dog? 

They all have different characters and different ways of telling you things and some things they do

just make you chuckle 

First sled dogs name and what breed?
Megs, Alaskan Malamute and Noah, Siberian Husky

How long have you been working as a volunteer in animal rescue, and with Saints? 

I've sort of forgotten but suppose I don't see it as a prison sentence so don't really take much notice
of the time I just really enjoy seeing the changes and the happy homes they end up with 

What made you want to join Saints? 

I wanted to join Saints as it felt more like and extended family rather than just a name who helps out 

Worst owning a sled dog memory?
Still working on this one as both of ours are as good as gold and don't realy do much wrong .... My
partner Becky just seems to work wonders with them 

Best owning a sled dog memory?
Asking Noah if he wants to go in the van or car he gets that excited he does zoomies and 
our Megs, our three legged Malamute, hand standing for a wee I though this was not possible but
she proved me wrong