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Meet Sarah...

                                                 Name: Sarah Summers

                                                 Age: 46 - true that

                                                 Favourite past time: Binge watching TV dramas

                                                 Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption

                                                 Favourite music: Pop

                                                 Favourite food: Cheese




Area you cover: South West

How long have you owned a sled dog?

7 years

What made you want a sled dog?
Met an Alaskan Malamute when I owned a pub and thought she was amazing and different, when
they had a litter of puppies we decided to have one.

First sled dogs name and what breed?
Lola Alaskan Malamute

How long have you been working as a volunteer in animal rescue, and with Saints?
4 years with Saints

What made you want to join Saints?
We adopted our second dog from Saints and Heather contacted me one afternoon to go to the local
vets as someone was having their Malamute put down to see if we could stop them and get the dog
into Saints, after that I wanted to help on a permanent basis.

Worst owning a sled dog memory?
After Xmas 3 years ago we noticed a horrible smell in the dining room that got worse and worse over
the next few days. We searched the room and could not work it out until I realised that the porcelain
vegetable dish had been put back onto the dresser with all the 2 week old now leftover Sprouts,
cabbage and carrots. I was retching as I scraped it into the bin and had to step outside to get some
air - upon walking back in I saw the dogs with their heads buried in the bin scoffing the lot! I started
throwing up again and it was a week before I could kiss them again!

Best owning a sled dog memory?
We don’t get a lot of snow in the West Country but last year we did, and lots of it, it was the first time
the boys had seen snow of any substance and only the second time for Lola - watching the shear joy
of them playing in the snow made me glad to be alive.