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These sled dogs below are all looking for foster placements with Saints Sled Dog Rescue and need at least a 2 week assessment period with us before we can be adopted. For more information on the below dogs looking for foster placements please contact a member of staff.

If you would like to know more on how to become a volunteer and foster a dog like these, please visit our contact SSDR page for more information... 


Age: 6-years-old

Sex: female

Breed: siberian Husky 


Info: Keiko  is a active girl looking for a foster home. She can live with another dog but does guard food so needs to be fed separately. she has lived with a cat and could potentially do so again with slow intros. she suffers with anxiety howling when left sometimes destructive. 


Age: 2-years-old

Sex: Female


Info: Maisey is looking for a dog free, adult only home. she has previously lived with a cat & could do so again. She can be reactive toward other dogs whilst out on walks. She does have separation anxiety and guarding issues which has led her to give warning bites so will need a foster with guarding experience


Age: 8-years-old 

Sex: Female

Breed: Inuit x Malamute

Info: Eska is a calm girl who would prefer to be the only dog in the home. She needs an experienced adult only home as she suffers from separation anxiety and can be very vocal when left and will toilet in the house. Eska can guard items and likes space when eating. She prefers quiet walks and can get nervous in busy areas. 


Age: 7 Years Old


Breed: Siberian Husky

Info:  Maru has never lived with another dog but is friendly with larger dogs outside so could live wth another dog with the correct intro but no smaller animals.  he has lived with children before but has been cheeky and stolen food from them, he also can guard food so we would recommend older dog savvy children only.  maru walks well on lead and enjoys off lead meets with other huskies.

Indy & Buddy

Ages: TBC 



Info:  Indy and Buddy are mother and son who both currently live outside. Buddy is ok in the home but Indy can howl when left inside. Buddy is ok with dogs but indy is wary so slow intros would be needed. they can both live with children but no smaller animals.


Age: 5 Years Old


Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Info:  Ozzie is a very friendly boy who could live with another dog with the correct intros. he can also live with dog savvy children, but no cats or smaller animals. Ozzie can guard toys and food so will need to be fed separately.