"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

About me...

I am dog friendly.

No cats or small furries.

I am very nervous of strangers.

I don't like walking on a lead.

Jessica the Siberian Husky - No. 394

AGE:                                                LOCATION:                                                              SEX: 
East Anglia & Lincolnshire

Likes ​

Jessica, or Jess for short, is great with other dogs and LOVES her sister Avalanche. She likes to play with her sister and with the other dogs, her favourite time of the day is TREAT TIME!

Type of home needed

Jess and sister Avalanche had a very hard start in life and received no human contact for 7 years. Due to this she is what we call a feral girl in that she does not like human contact and cannot be walked on a lead.

She must be re-homed with her sister Avalanche 393 and live in an environment where she will be able to go about her day as she pleases, being able to slowly build a relationship up with her new owners.

More information...

Jess and Avalanche have been in foster care for 2 years now and with patience foster Mum can hand feed and pet for short periods of time.


In reality these girls may not find either forever home and can stay with foster mum for as long as they need. If you would like to sponsor Jess to help pay for her care while in SSDR please click HERE to find out more...

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