Mally the Alaskan Malamute 

"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

I am 2-Years-Old

I am a lone wolf

I chase small furries

No children for me please...

I need continued training

i need an experienced owner

I am in the scotland

About Mally... 

Mally is a friendly boy looking for an experienced forever home. He is a active boy who LOVES adventures and getting out and about with his humans. Mally is currently in kennels but  loves nothing more than to shower his handlers with cuddles and kisses when he sees them.

He is a BIG boy looking for an experienced family who understand the head strong breed and who have experience with resource guarding in the home.

Mally does have a bite history due to his guarding behaviour which needs continued work and slow approach. Although he is a friendly boy outside the kennel he doesn't like to be pushed too quickly. He needs to build up trust with any potential owner over time, with someone who will give him time to settle and will NOT push him when he is guarding.

He would make someone a brilliant boy with time and patience, is that you?

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