My name is Heather Saville, SSDR Founder and this is my team of Coordinators.


Together, we spend every possible day to help rescue and rehome sled dogs around the UK to find them their forever homes... 


I rely on volunteers like these amazing coordinators, along with our fosterers, fundraisers, transporters, assessors and donators to make what we do possible!

Get to know more about me and my team below.


Heather Saville

SSDR Founder

My name is Heather and I am the very person who created our Charity Saints Sled Dog Rescue. I founded Saints back in 2013 after I saved our tri-pawed mascot Athena that NO RESCUE would take in due to needing medical treatment. From that point on I vowed I would help Sled Dogs in need, NO MATTER WHAT!


I have owned Siberian Huskies for 15 years and Malamutes for 9 years and in my time working with rescue dogs I have fostered well over 600...

My magic number of dogs is currently 23, 20 Siberian Huskies, 1 Malamute and 2 Belgian Malinois.

If you would lke to know more about the SSDR journey and our mascot Athena keep on reading by clicking the link below...

Athena's Story

Ailsa Bogle

Scotland Coordinator

 I have owned Alaskan Malamutes for nearly 5 years now, my first Malamute being SSDR Orson.I currently own 2 Malamutes Orson and Magni.


Richard Horsefield

Scotland Coordinator

I have owned sled dogs for 7 and a half years, my very first Alaskan Malamute being my beautiful girl Khaos. I have been with SSDR for 5 years and own 2 Malamutes


Angela Zanieri

Scotland Coordinator

I'm Angela and I have owned sled dogs for 7 years, I currently own 2 but often foster for SSDR. I have been with Saints for 4 years


Rowena Johnstone

Scotland Coordinator

I own 2 sled dogs with Paul and have owned the breed for 4 years now. My first sled dog was Nanook the Malamute.


Paul Johnstone

Scotland Coordinator

I have owned sled dogs for 4 year and have worked with SSDR for 3 years now. I joined Saints after we adopted our boy Balto the Malamute.

ogs 4.jpg

Dennis Gillespie

Scotland Coordinator

I have been a volunteer for SSDR for around 2 years. I am a huge admirer of the breed and am Step-Dad to Logan and Blue but also own a non-sled dog boy called Ben. 


Gill Chapman

Surrey and boarders Coordinator

I am the newest member of the team! I own 3 sled dogs and have owned the breed for around 2 years now, after I adoped my SSDR firsts Misha and Bear.


Sian Murdy

Southern Coordinator and Administrator

I'm Sian, I have owned Huskies for 9 years and currently own 8 of my own - my first being Reina.

I have been a part of Saints for 5ish years now... 


Deborah McGeady

South West and Scotland Coordinator

My very first sled dog was Kobi the Husky, I have owned the breed for 3 years and currently have 2. 

I have been a volunteer for SSDR for 1 year!


Eve Truckle

North East Coordinator

I am Eve and my first Malamute was SSDR Smudge who I have owned for 3 years. She was the reason why I became a Saints volunteer where I also adopted Jasper.


Shell Bateman

Midlands Coordinator and Social Media and Website Coordinator

I'm Shell and I've owned Sled Dogs for 10 years my first being a rescue called Miya. I have worked with SSDR for 7 years now and currently own 6 Huskies !

Damion Burbridge

Midlands Coordinator and Tech Support

I have been a part of Saints for 7 years, I have 6 sled dogs and have owned the breed for 10 years!


Ollie Dawson

Leicestershire Coordinator

I have owned the breed for only a few years but have been around the breed a lot longer. I own 3 sled dogs including Megs the 3 legged Malamute.


Anneka Roberts

Hertford, Bedford and Buckinghamshire Coordinator

I have been with SSDR for 6 years and own 4 sled dogs. I have owned the breed for 7 years and my very first husky was Diva.


Sally Copson-Moore

Northwest Coordinator

I'm Sally, me and my husband Dave have 19 sled dogs in total and have owned the breed for 12 years. I joined SSDR nearly 6 years ago and have fostered quite a few in my time.


Dave Copson-Moore

Northwest Coordinator

I am Dave, yes we have 19 sled dogs both Huskies and Malamutes - a few mixes in there too. Our first Husky was Suki!


Janet Hankinson

Northwest Coordinator

I have 8  dogs and have owned thebreed for 5 years. 

I have worked with SSDR for 3 years now.


Kerry Ann Gale

Northeast Coordinator

I am Kerry and I own 5 dogs including 3 huskies. After fostering my first dog Mia 7 years ago, I haven't looked back since.

I have worked with SSDR for 4 years now.


Lauren Georgina Hartley

Social Media Coordinator

I’ve owned a husky for almost 3 years called Luna and happily foster for SSDR. I joined the Saints Team early 2020!


Dave Warner

North Wales Coordinator

Me and Leanne have owned sled dogs for 4 years, after our first adopting with oldies Ski and Jack. We now have 4 sled dogs and have worked with SSDR for about 4 yeats now!

Leanne Moulton

North Wales Coordinator

As above, I currently help fundraise for Saints with my new art business often donating my time in making unique designs for their auctions


Erika German

Fundraising Coordinator

My name is Erika and I am the Malamute lady! I own 4 malamutes and have been a part of Saints for around 3 years now!


Bonnie Baker

London and Kent Coordinator

I have owned sled dogs for 3 and a half years, my first being Loki a husky-malamute cross. 


Dawn Coe

Essex Coordinator

I'm Dawn and I've been with Saints around 2 years now. I have owner sled dogs for 7 years and own two of my very own Mya and Aj.