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Meet the team

Heather Saville
Founder of SSDR


Hi my name is Heather I founded Saints Sled Dog Rescue after being in the welfare for a few years knowing that so many of the Northern Breed needed our help, I have Siberian Huskies, 1 Alaskan Malamute and a rabbit.  I have been in the breed for 10 years and still learning now, I race some of my dogs which they and I love. My heart has always been with animals. I am studying diploma's in Canine Behaviour, Canine Psychology, Veterinary Assistance, Animal Health. I am a qualified micro chipper and have passed Emergency Dog First Aid. I am self-employed DJ Entertainer always on the go and will do anything to help anyone in need, my dream would be run boarding kennels and training centre.

Anneka Roberts
Co-ordinator for Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire & Buckinghamshire


Hi I'm Anneka and I''ve been around various breeds of dogs all my life but usually working breeds. I got involved with huskies nearly 3 years ago when I got my first girl Diva at 8 weeks and nearly 3 years later we have a pack of 3. I'm currently a stay at home mum of two husky mad boys. 

Sally Copson Moore
Co-ordinator for the North West


My name is Sally, I am the Saints co-ordinator for the North West. I love sled dog breeds especially siberian huskies, i currently own 11 dogs, 6 of them are huskies, 1 malamute, and four crossbreeds... I love to work my dogs, they compete in rallies doing land rig, bikejor, and canicross, but we also do obedience and agility. I have owned dogs for 9 years and I love every second with all of them when I am not working. I work full time in pharmacy and have done for the last 23 years, it pays the bills but working with animals is what I would love to be doing instead. I also transport a lot of the rescue dogs around the country and also help out other rescues with transport runs. A full time job and being a co-ordinator is sometimes tough but it pays off when i see a dog find their forever home....

Dave Copson Moore
Co-ordinator for North West


Hi, I'm Dave and the coordinator for the north west with Sally. We have 11 dogs- 6 huskys: Suki, Odin, Skylla, Kaos, Mayhem and Fury, Willow the malamute, holly the honorary husky and of course Havoc and Merlin. We have had northern breeds for just over seven years and as well as training them in obedience and agility, we also race them. My race team of four consists of three rescue dogs that came from Saints.

We came to love the breed after getting Suki, our first husky and from then on they were the only dogs we were going to have. They can test our nerves at times but the love and joy they bring us more than makes up for it.

Shell Bateman
Co-ordinator for the Midlands


My name is Shell and I run the Midlands area as coordinator for Saint's Sled Dog Rescue. I have been involved with sled dogs and animal welfares since 2009, which is when I adopted my first sled dog rescue Siberian husky girl Miya.


After some years in a similar role, I joined Heather and her team at SSDR which was first founded in 2013.


I have  two males, Sam the Siberian husky and Storm the Husky x Malamute, but hope to expand the pack in the future.


I have a particular soft spot for the older dogs and hope to one day build a boarding kennel for older rescued animals and focusing on animals with behavioural issues and rehabilitation. I currently work in retail (money which pays the bills) but hold a real passion for the welfare and happiness of animals in need.

Ali Bradley
Co-ordinator for the South Coast


Hi my name is Ali I am 23 years old and  I am one of the South Coordinators for this amazing rescue along with my partner Sian.


We have five Huskies, two boys Kodi and Tikaani and three Girls Reina,Anoushka and Kheela. They are full of energy, character and give a lot of love.


I am extremely passionate and totally hooked on the breed and they keep us very active.


My hobbies are football and I am a huge man Utd fan. I also like running the dogs on the scooters and rigs with other husky owners, its so rewarding seeing how excited the dogs get. I also organise local pack walks which is great seeing all the dogs get together and meeting other owners.


Apart from being a huge husky nerd I also keep reptiles, I own a few reticulated pythons exotic animals fascinate me. basically I'm animal mad.


I want to make a difference and help these wonderful dogs because they really do need us and with the amazing team here at saints we can make a huge impact on their lives and tackle anything put in front of us..

Sian Murdy
Co-ordinator for the South Coast


Hi, my names Sian Murdy and I am 22 years old and am one of the south coast coordinators along with my wonderful partner of almost 6 years Ali. I work full time at a mortgage brokers in Fareham but when I’m not at work you can usually find me out and about with the dogs.


It was my partner who decided 5 years ago that it was time to get his childhood dream dog being a husky and since then neither of us have looked back however never imagined we would end up with 4 of them. We have the queen of our pack Reina who is pure white and 5, our Ginger Ninja Kodi also 5, mummy’s boy Tikaani 4 grey and white and then our baby Anoushka who is also grey and white aged 3 and the gobby one. We have recently added to our pack the wonderful litte red girl called Kheela, she came into our lives as a foster but stole our hearts and had to stay.They are all unique in their own way and full of character and love.


There is definitely never a dull moment with these four around. We chose to get into rescue because we have seen first hand the amount of dogs that get given away simply because people do not understand the breed. I have lost count of the amount of times people have come up to us down the streets asking us to take their dog of their hands and even calls from our vet asking for our help. So we have joined up with the wonderful team hear at Saints to help spread the word and believe as a bigger team we can make a big difference to the lives of many more dogs to come.


Ann Hatton
Co-ordinator for East Anglia


Hi. My name is Ann Hatton and I'm 55 years old, have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. I got involved with Saints in March 2013 when I adopted a malamute called Koko. Prior to that I'd always been around dogs, either my parents or my own but never a sled dog. I adopted Keva, a malamute, in May that year as company for Koko and then fostered Kuma in February this year but adopted him too. Koko is 6,Keva is 5 and Kuma is the baby at 3. Like many of the Saints crew I believe every dog should have a loving home and my 3 have certainly made a huge difference to my family life.


Kerry Gale
Co-ordinator for North East

I am Kerry from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, a single Mum of 3 children and 3 dogs one of which is my beautiful Mia the Siberian Husky who I rescued 3 years ago as she was miss treated and kicked around the garden by her previous owner who did want her as he said she crys all the time.  After I went to see her I immediatly brought her home.  We've never looked back, she is so happy and is my youngest daughters best friend.


I used to breed Labrabdors and have 2 labs, Ellie is a choc lab, she's 11 and her little boy Maxi, he is golden.


I have also fostered 2 dogs from SSDR and I do still see both of the dogs on a regular basis when I go on the Yorkshire Husky meet walks.  














I have always had a passion for animals and understand them better than people sometimes, this is why I wanted to do more to help.

Richard Horsfield
Co-ordinator for Scotland
Hi I'm Richard Horsfield, one of the area coordinators for Scotland. I'm from west Glasgow and live with my 2 girls, 9 year old (non-furry) Zoe and 3 1/2 year old (furry) Khaos. Khaos is an Alaskan Malamute and I have had her since a pup. After getting Khaos I joined various Facebook groups and one of them was a breed specific rescue group, I spoke to and made friends there who suggested I get involved with rescue work and so I joined them as a volunteer. Soon after, I became a volunteer with Malamute Matters. Through MM I was contacted around October 2013 to help transport and foster a Malamute in a terrible condition and facing PTS because he was abandoned. We now know this boy as SSDR ACE.
I've been a volunteer for Saints since and now I am in the coordinator role.
In 2014 I took part in an extreme fundraiser that saw me spend 11 days trekking & camping in the mountains of Alaska with Joe "malamute man" Henderson and his team of 22 Alaskan Malamutes in temperatures as low as -40C. I will be doing this expedition again in March 2015 with my sponsor donations being split between MM & SSDR.
Away from Saints I am an offshore Diesel Engineer and get to do a lot of traveling because if this, which I enjoy.
I am very proud to be a part of the Saints team, seeing the dogs in their happy fur-ever homes after seeing them when they first come in is amazing. It's a difficult job most of the time but very rewarding.
Angela Zanieri
Coordinator for Scotland
Hi, my name is Angela Zanieri and I'm one of the area coordinators for Scotland.  I live in Cumbernauld just north of Glasgow and I am a mum of two grown up daughters.  I've had dogs all of my life and my dogs have always been rehomes or rescues.  My first experience with sled dogs was in 2010 when my first husky Blue came into my life at the age of 2, I was his 3rd owner by this point.  I first got involved with Saints at the start of 2015 as a foster carer and then I started to help out with fundraising and homechecks and I can now say that I am a fully paid up member of the failed foster club when I adopted one of by foster babies SSDR Logan.  I have loved every minute of being part of the Saints family and can say hand on heart that I wouldn't change it for the world, the feeling that you get when you know that you've helped just one dog on it's journey to find it's happy ever after can't be bought and I'm very proud to be part of the team.

Matt Dawson

Co-Ordinator for Essex


Hi, I'm Matthew better known as Ollie or Squeaky.  I'm known for being the practical joker and there is never a dull moment when I'm around.  Usually if I'm smiling its because I'm planning, if I'm laughing it's because I've already done it and if I hear "Matthew" being shouted I'm running for the hills as I've been caught.


I'm happily married though some don't believe and live with my ever suffering wife and my crazy springer spaniel Ollie who thinks he's a Husky as he's spent too much time with them.  (That's where my nickname came from, I'm as mad as my Springer.)


I'm a hard worker who always sets out to make a good impression and I don't have an off button which really helps at our fundraising events.


I don't really remember the exact date I started with Saints Sled Dog Rescue but I do remember that I was asked to help and all I had to do was sit in the car.  That was my 1st transport run and I was hooked.  Since then my love of the sled dog breeds has grown and now my passion is to help them, even my mistress, my classic Mini has taken a back seat to the dogs, which is why I haver get the time to work on her.  I now undertake all types of work involved in the rescue; homechecks, dog assessments and transport runs as well as all the fundraising events.


I love seeing the rescued dogs finally get settled in a good home, it takes time, dedication and lots of love to help some of our suffering rescues, others settle in quickly and bounce back to health like a rubber ball.  The pure nature of these breeds fascinate me.  Probably because I'm hyper as a Husky and as mischievious as a Malamute.


I currently work full time for a surgcial veterinary supply company as well as all the work I do for Saints.  As you can see I don't stop.....  If you ever get the chance to meet me you won't forget me. 




Kay Sharpe

Co-Ordinator South West


My name is Kay Sharpe and I'm one of the South West Co-ordinators.  I have a Husky x German Shepherd called Copper.  We privately rescued him when he was a tiny puppy and he's enriched our lives so much and could imagine life without him!  I am a proud Mum to a gorgeous daughter called Evie.  She and Copper are inseparable. 

Dave Warner

Coordinator for North Wales




Hi I'm Dave I Live with my girlfriend Leanne in north Wales area and always loved dogs since I was young.  When we moved into our new house one of the first things I said to Leanne was I want a husky so we found this great animal rescue and adopted not one but two Huskies the golden oldies Jack and Ski and never regretted having the breed ever since. Now we have two young huskies who keep us on our toes but I love every minute being with them.

I'm an Exercise Referral Specialist in which I deal with humans who have medical problems such as, diabetes obesity and cardiac issues, and get them fit and healthy. Now for me it's time to help animals who are in desperate need of our help.


Leanne Moulton

Coordinator for North Wales


Hi I'm Leanne and I live with my boyfriend Dave in North Wales. I am a Data analyst so as you can imagine I'm always stuck indoors so decided to give into Dave's request of wanting a husky which  will get me to spend more time outdoors and also the love of the dogs.  I love motorsport especially MotoGP and love to paint and listen to some music after a hard day. 

As we were not experienced with the husky breed we adopted two older dogs Jack and ski which as soon as they came out of transport into our garden I instantly fell in love with them. Since adopting from Saints Sled Dog Rescue we have Volunteered to help out when we can with assisting with fundraiser events hoping what I do will make a difference to a dogs life.