"I am looking for my happily ever after..."



About me...

I need a dog-free home.

I am NOT cat-friendly.

I am very nervous of strangers.

I need an experienced owner.


I love walks.

AGE:                                                LOCATION:                                                              SEX: 
North East

Likes ​

Patch likes food, toys and on lady in particular, his foster mum.

Type of home needed

Patch is currently in specialised kennels where he undergoes training daily to help him by an experienced behaviourist. He has had a hard start in life, having been passed from home to home and not initial training as a puppy which means he is currently in long term kennelling under assessment.

More information...

If you would like to sponsor Patch's kennel so we can continue giving him the excellent care and training he needs please click HERE to find out more information...

Patch the Malamute x Husky - No. 450

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