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Saints Camp 2018



Over the weekend we celebrated in style with Saints Staff vs Volunteer in the Gladiator challenge, a afternoon of treasure hunting, day long dog show followed by a live singer, music and games in the Saints Clubhouse to relax on the evenings. Food was provided all weekend, including afternoon tea and cakes. On Saturday afternoon we had the pleasure of a talk, demonstration and meet-n-greet from the amazing World-of-Lupines-Foundation and the Saarloos Wolfdogs. The talk captivated the audience with facts and information on the wolf-dog breeds allowing the onlookers to come face-to-face with what you can consider to be the closest breed to a Wolf.


To celebrate Saints 5th Birthday Anniversary the Saints Sled Dog Rescue Founder Heather Saville announce that any members of staff present at camp would ALL be taking part in a late night dip in the Idle river at Haxey Quays UNLESS bought ourselves out of it, raising some fast funds for Skye-Skye the 3 legged husky who desperately needed money for a operation. Each staff member would need to pay £20 per to keep their feet on dry ground. She even posted it on social media for good measure so our friends at home could join in the fun.


Sunday the Saints Camp was open to the public with the all day dog show as well as stalls where you could find camp merchandise as well as goodies for our 2 and 4 legged friends.


We had 2 offlead run areas for the dogs to stretch their legs, including agility equipment. Heather held a security dog demonstration in the offlead area with Blondie the Belgian Malinois and her opponents, it is safe to say we didn’t have many volunteers.


Over the weekend Saints raised a huge £1500 all of which went to the Sled Dog in our care.


Take a look at some of our best bits from Saints Annual Camp 2018!




Saints Sled Dog Rescue Annual Camp was back by popular demand, and with a very special birthday that year Saints had to make it bigger and better. And we delivered. With 150 people and over 250 dogs at the campsite you can rest assure it wasn’t a quiet weekend. The 2018 Camp brought along more people, more dogs and more fun, as well as a scorching weather. You can’t say we don’t pull out all the stops to make it a good one!!