"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

About me...

I need a dog-free home.

I am no cat-friendly.

I am nervous of strangers at first.

I am well trained and have good manners.

I love shorter walks.

Sarah the Alaskan Malamute - No. 679

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Likes ​

Sarah is a 2-year-old Alaskan Malamute who has had a tough introduction to her life, but she is a friendly girl who LOVES belly rubs. She is a clever girl that likes to play treat games to keep her busy and won't pass you up on her brush time either!  

Type of home needed

We are looking for a quieter home for Sarah where she can be the centre of someone's universe to give her the time and love she deserves. While in foster care she has gain so much trust but will need somewhere who will approach her slowly, to let her come around to them and not pushing her boundaries.

She doesn't do well with children so would advise a home without the young visitors and a dog free home would be perfect for her.

More information...

Sarah has a very sad back story, she was one of thousands of dogs in the meat markets in China, managing to get herself noticed out of 4000 other dogs at the Chinese shelter. She was originally found on the streets with her legs bound around her back and a rope around her neck. However, she was a very lucky girl who caught a rescuers eye who bought her over to the UK to start a new, happy life.

She isn't without her insecurities, Sarah doesn't like her neck being rubbed or being pulled by her collar but walks brilliantly in harness. Due to her past she does have a funny walk but nothing stops her going out daily adventuring and bunny hopping around in excitement.

Sarah doesn't like sharing her things with other dogs and can be possessive so needs a dog free and child free home, also no small furries.

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