"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

About me...

I need a dog-free home.

I am cat-friendly.

I am very nervous of strangers.

I need training.

I love long walks.

AGE:                                                LOCATION:                                                              SEX: 

Likes ​

Seran is a fanstastic boy with LOVES nothing more than to play with his tennis balls and go on loooong walks. He is a very nervous boy with stranger and it takes a while for him to get used to new situations. While in foster care he has bonded very well with the ladies he has met but it takes him a lot longer to bond with males.

Type of home needed

Due to Seran's nervous nature we are looking for a very quiet home where he can settle down and get used to his surroundings. He doesn't do well in new situations so needs someone with experience in this kind of behaviour. 

He needs a breed experienced home, someone who will allow him to have time and space to get to know them, before pushing his boundaries. Seran needs continued training in socialisation and re-activeness to hands. 

Seran currently needs a dog free home but has lived with cats, with slow introductions he may be happy to live with cats again. Due to his nervous behaviour he must go to a child free home. 

More information...

While in foster care under assessment, We have noticed Seran reacts very badly to hands of strangers. It is such a big trigger he can be unpredictable when around new people so a controlled environment is advised. Our fosters have been working on this behaviour with Seran but is a very slow process, something which must be continued in his new home. 

Seran the Alaskan Malamute - No. 629

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