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When Loki Met Eddie... Redmayne!

August 4, 2019


It isn't every day that a rescue boy like Loki gets

a chance at snuffling-noses with an A-lister at


breakfast on a Saturday morning, but it's only right that when he does we hoooowl from the rooftops about it, especially for this extra special boy like Loki.


Loki is a 8-year-old Siberian Husky who had a very tough time in his life. He went from being an adored member of the family to living outside in the garden all day, EVERYDAY for a year... Unfortunately, Loki's family had a change in circumstance which meant they could no longer offer Loki the time and care he needed. For a long time, Loki spent every day with very little human contact and no medical or physical care. When the SSDR North West Team went out to assess Loki, he was a very sad boy in a sorry state.


He was rescued by Saints Sled Dog Rescue in April 2019, being placed in foster care with his AMAZING foster-er Sophie Moracchine and Family, who helped make him the fantastic boy he is today.


Not only was Loki in a horrible state after no grooming or bathing for such a long time,  his teeth needed veterinary treatment and were causing a lot of discomfort making him a grumpy boy. The vets who treated Loki said that they were in such a mess, the worse case they had seen in a very long time. Sooooo, after several tooth extractions, a good bath and lots of grooming Loki already felt like a happier boy.


In July 2019, Loki went off to his forever home with adoptive Mum Caitlin. Since then he has seen so many places, off on adventures around the UK and even has his own Instagram page so people can follow his story. To put the icing on his very yummy cake, he has now got his very own claim to fame when he met an EXTREMELY FAMOUS WIZARD over breakfast one Saturday morning.


Mum and Loki were off to their local cafe for their usual Saturday morning iced tea and biscuits, before a very busy day working at Stone Farmers Market, when Loki was noticed by a little girl called Iris. Little did Loki know this little girl was the daughter of none other than Fantastic Beasts star, Newt Scamander... Known to us Muggles as the brilliant Mr Eddie Redmayne.


Eddie was very kind and showed a lot of interest in Loki's story which Caitlin shared, telling Mum how "Nobel" it was of her to have adopted Loki and that he was a really "lovely" boy. After a short conversation and the offer of recommendation for the sourdough toast with smashed avocado and smokey bacon, which is delicious btw, Eddie let Mum take some lovely photographs for us all to relish in which she has proudly shared.


If you would like to follow Loki in his next adventures go to Instagram @lokiloohuskymu


If you are looking for a four legged friend of your own to share some adventures with and make some magical memories, visit our DOGS AVAILABLE page and submit an application today! You could be the key to the future for someones happily-ever-after.