"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

About me...

I live with other dogs but would like a dog free home

I am not cat-friendly.

I am brilliant with people

I am well trained

I love long walks.

Storm the Alaskan Malamute - No. 674

AGE:                                                LOCATION:                                                              SEX: 

Likes ​

Storm is real diva and just LOVES to be the centre of attentions. She likes to give paws for fusses and is a active girl.

Type of home needed

Storm is a sweet girl who would preferably like a dog free home for her to rule the roost. She is great with children and hasn't shown any issues with food aggression.

She is crate trained and OK to be left alone for a few hours. She can be reactive to other dogs on leads so needs distance when meeting new dogs. 

More information...

She is currently living with other huskies and potentially could again with slow introductions, 

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