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Success Stories



Adopted by: Sarah Henderson & Mark Samson



Myself and my partner Mark adopted Miah in February 2016 and its been the best thing we've ever done.  She has brought so much love, laughs and mega cuddles into our lives, I find it hard to think how we managed without her.


I'd also like to thank all the staff at Saints for their ongoing support and especially Angela Zanieri for being so fatastic with us and all the support she has given us.




Adopted by: Jon Carton



Felix came to us on 29th October 2015.  He was our first foster so didn't really know what to expect.  We'd heard his awful background story so were just glad to be able to give him somewhere safe to rest his old paws.


The day he arrived he fit in totally fine.  I couldn't believe it, I expected some initial dramatics with my other dogs, but they were getting along fine - sharing food, toys and playing together well.  He seemed pretty happy palying with the other 2, very energetic for an old man of nearly 11.


Felix was very, very skinny we could feel every rib and bone in the poor guys body.  He was a nervous dog, he didnt like to be approached too quickly and he wouldn't make eye contact with anyone.  He would growl or snarl quite often if he felt uncomfortable.  He also became rather fond of toileting all over my house!.  These were the issues we faced with Felix so we had some work head of us.


I'm delighted to say that in his fourth month of foster with us we made the (very easy) decision to make this Felix's forever home.  He is now a very healthy 10kg heavier than he arrived and is looking fantastic.  His anxiety is long gone.  He now enjoys a cuddle and approaches us for affection (rarely but it happens!).  His toileting issue is fixed and he's really enjoying his new life with his brother and sister. 


He now spends his days walking in the woods and chilling in the garden, stalking the family of deer that come to our garden fence, or causing havoc indoors with Bailey and Skye.  Always rounded off by snoring away on his settee at the end of the night!




Adopted by: Luiza Mataca


Teal'c came into my life in November 2015.  Although several months have already passed succesfully, it still feels like I have only just looked at his photo online and fallen in love with his face! Teal'c came to our home and didn't know what to expect - are we going to put up with his strong personality, are we up for the challenge of owing a stubborn husky, are we going to love him as much as he, eventually would learn to love us? Teal'c is an amazing dog with a great potential, however it seems to take a lot of time and a lot of work for his true colours to show.  Luckily, we've got the patience and resources he needs in order for him to blossom.


Teal'c has a girlfriend as well, named Tesa, also a rescue husky.  In the short time they have lived together he has taught Tesa how to have fun at the beach, how to be more active, how tasty the food is after a good play session with lots of jumping and growling.  In return, Tesa has taught him good manners at meal times ,when we put the leash on him and how good it felt to share toys.  I am interested to see what sort of things they plot once they become very good friends later on ..!!


I am very gratful that Saints Sled Dog Rescue trusted me enough to allow me to adopt Teal'c, a special case.  I have promised them he will be with me forever and that they shouldn't worry about him anymore as he is my forever companion now regardless of how naughty he may be.  He has gained my parents' hearts and making everybody proud by his brilliant progress at the newly started training sessions.  


With time, my Teal'c will be a very good example of how commitment, love and patience go together flawlessly.



Adopted by: Jennie Cooper


We attended Bark in the Park at Ferry Meadows and although we had been discussing getting a puppy we hadn't planned if for that day.  The we saw Zero's puppies and one in particular who I knew I was going to forget.  So we have had Face (now Coops) since September 2014 and he's been amazing.  Loves everyone, laid back, has taught my grumpy collie how to play, did really well at puppy classes and hope to start agility when he's old enough.  It's also lovely to be in touch with the owners of the rest of the litter to hear how they are doing too.


Thank you SSDR!


Adopted by: Adele & Calvin Driver


As you can see from one of the pics Jakey was very very thin and scared when he came to us from the pound in Swansea.  He was close to being put to sleep before Saints saved him. We adopted Jake as he was too special to let go.  We love having Jake in our family and he loves being with us, we will never give up on him despite his occasional grumpiness still.  


Woo hoo to SSDR for giving these poor doggies a second chance. 


Adopted by: Siobhan Smith


We had been thinking for a while that we could give a rescue husky a nice home along with our other husky and springer as we had plenty of room and time to devote to them. As soon as we saw the photo of Saints' Marley we looked into his eyes and fell for him completely. We spoke to the lovely couple who were fostering him and he seemed to be exactly right for us so we had the home check etc done and Saints made sure that we were right for him as well. 


Wendy and Michael (his foster parents) drove up to us with their 2 huskies for Marley to meet with our other two dogs on our local beach and to make sure everything was going to be ok. Everything went perfectly and he came home with us. He was so well behaved but a bit distant at first. After a couple of weeks it was like a little switch got flicked in his head and he realised he had found his forever home and wasn't going to be moving anywhere again and he turned into a real character with everyone. He is a total credit to the love and attention given to him by his foster parents.


It took a bit of time and patience to teach him that the 2 resident cats were not play toys but he now gets along famously with them. He also adores children and all our nieces and nephews spoil him rotten.


We have only had him a few months but we couldn't imagine our home without him. He has had a very exciting time since he has been with us. We take him with his adoptive brother and sister to obedience and agility classes every week, he does sponsored walks, fun dog shows, horse shows with his two big brothers who he gets on with so well, agility displays and has even had a wind surfing lesson.


We are now thinking about the possibility of fostering so that other dogs and people can have the incredible experience that we have been so lucky to have.



Adopted by: Amy & David Brown


Harrooooow, my name is Angel and I'm a 3 year old husky. I was lucky enough to be found by Saints after being given up at the scary place hoomans call kennels and finally found my forever home in October 2013. My mummy and daddy said they chose me because I just love little hoomans.


I'm a husky so I'm brave and smart so when my new hoomans came to get me I didn't show I was scared but went with them to their car without any fuss at all. I was a little bit sad because I had to say bye to my friend husky but I know she's happy with her hoomans like I am with mine. When we arrived at my new home I was introduced to my new 'big' brother 'Truffel' he's one of those small furry things I like to chase in the fields but he's different because he lives inside and I'm not aloud to eats him. I will admit I found it frustrating at first because I just wanted to chase him and he would tease me by getting really close and then run away. Because he would tease me I found it hard being in the same room as him so we lived apart for the first week until me and my hoomans got to know each other better. My hoomans let me sit on their sofa were I could see him but relax at the same time which made me feel a lot better. Now I don't mind him at all and check on him every now and then to make sure his still there and ok. I found it hard to trust my hoomans at first because I had moved around so much and been abandoned in the past but now I just loves them so much.


My mummy used to have to work every day but now she says that I'm going to have a new baby sister hooman and she's at home with me everyday. I still get a bit anxious when I'm left on my own but I know they are going to come back so I'm not too bad anymore. I got very scared the first day I was left on my own and tried to escape by chewing their cat flap of the front door. They didn't tell me off though because they knew that I was a good girl but just a little bit scared.


I just loves going for walks with them because everyone thinks I'm just so pretty and I loves the attention and praise I get from hoomans and their own furbabies. As long as I get regular walks everyday and have my space when I need it I'm perfectly happy. I've met all my hoomans family and they all love me because I'm such a good girl, I loves it when they visit because normally they take me treats or little hoomans who I like to sniff and play with. I've got to go now though and chill on my windowsill my daddy's going to be home soon.



Adopted by: James & Fiona Tait


Bryn came to us in June 2013.


His story is he was found abandoned in Wales, taken into a pound and not homed. He was due to be PTS. Sally Copson-Moore, Saints Coordinator came to the rescue. She drove from Liverpool to the pound in Wales on the day Bryn was due to be put to sleep and took him into the foster care of Saints. His background is unknown and he was named by Saints (hence the Welsh name)


After initial, assessment with Sally, Bryn was transported up to Scotland into the foster care of Scotland Coordinator Laura Aird.


My husband Jim Tait was going to be 50 and wanted to rescue a husky for his birthday. We already had a rescue black lab and his fathers King Charles Cavalier. He had wanted a husky for a long time but with our work commitments that had never been possible before. We got in touch with Laura through Saints and a home assessment was organised, which we passed.


Jim spotted one husky and had his heart set on him but on Laura's advice he wasn't suitable for us. We looked around a bit more and spotted Bryn, such a handsome fluffy boy.  Jim was disappointed that he was advised against the dog he had his eye on but we now know it was the right advice for us from the coordinator. We were first time husky owners and Bryn was definitely more suitable to our circumstances.


So We met Bryn and agreed immediately to adopt him. Bryn settled in very quickly, and the past year has flown by. Months after we adopted him we were sent a picture by Sally the coordinator who rescued him. It was taken the day he was due to be PTS. Seeing that picture was awful. Such a beautiful boy so terrified looking. He was rescued from the clutches of being PTS and we will be eternally grateful to Saints for saving him and giving us the chance to give him the kind of life he deserves.


Look at him one year on. He is a great boy, admired wherever he goes for his handsome good looks! He also has more company now though, we have adopted five more Siberian huskies since Bryn. We have done a bit of fostering too. We decided we could cope with five and a foster space. We failed miserably with our last foster and now have a family of three boys and three girls, ranging from age one to eight. Look out for some of our other stories:  Calli, Sky, Snow, Arctic and Malakai.


We are working on commands and intend to run them with bike, scooter and rig once the weather gets cooler. Our whole lifestyle has changed, but it's for the better. Siberian huskies are a huge commitment but you get out of it what you put in. They are wonderful natured, loving affectionate dogs. Saved by the fantastic work of Saints.



Adopted by: James & Fiona Tait


We don't know much about Calli’s past but we adopted her a year ago. The story goes that she was found after being abandoned beside a motorway in Ireland and taken to local Kennels. She was less than a year old and had signs of having had pups recently but there were no sign of her pups. From seeing the first photos of Calli she was a bit of a mess in that she had bald patches all over her body and was very small.


A foster family was found in Berkshire and so the long journey to her new life began and also the makeover of getting her back to the gorgeousness that she is today.


She was with her foster family for over 3 months who also had 2 of their own huskies which Calli learnt from. Calli did not have any basic training so by watching the fosters dogs doing things she quickly starting picking up how a husky was to behave.Having had Bryn for a month who was settling in well with our black lab and cavalier, we thought another husky would be good idea as Bryn was a very playful dog and was always trying to play with our cavy but she was having none of it.


We spotted Calli one night on the Saints website and just fell in love with her. After a lengthy conversation, lots of messaging and a few Face Time sessions we decided Calli would be the ideal companion for Bryn, both were around the same age too.


Since adopting Calli she has been a wonderful addition to the Tait pack, and her and Bryn have become best pals who are constantly having lots of husky play time which is wonderful to see when you know what a bad past they have both come from.


The best part is that we have become friends with, and kept in touch with Callis foster parents, her foster dad even came to visit us in Glasgow in December. We had had Calli for many months when Michael visited but she still remembered him and made such a fuss it was lovely to see, and of course there were tears all round. Fostering is definitely a very fulfilling thing to do, having also done it ourselves. We are hoping to see Calli’s foster mum with foster dad next time.


Since adopting/fostering huskies we have met some wonderful people and have gained lots of new friends. We are now firm friends with Calli’s foster parents friends who also adopted a dog that they had that moved to Scotland. We would highly recommend anyone to foster or even adopt, you will find this such a rewarding experience.




Adopted by: Andrew Burden & Ali Burden-Blake


Maya Also known variously as ‘Quagmaya’ (when she’s been rolling in mud), ‘Scrat’ and ‘Crazy Eye’ – Maya came (burst) into our lives in December 2013. My wife and I had been looking for a companion for our Husky rescue dog Rogan, but struggled to decide on the right combination for him and for our daughter who was seven at the time. There are so many wonderful dogs looking for homes through Saints, it was a difficult decision. That said though, you should see us in a video shop – we can be there for days!


I guess, the important thing here is that taking on a dog isn’t a light undertaking and we researched thoroughly to ensure we got the right dog for our home and family. Needless to say we made the right choice. Life without Maya now would be unimaginable.


Maya was signed over to Saints Sled Dog Rescue because her owner developed a debilitating illness and could no longer keep her. What struck us was that Maya’s story mirrors Rogan’s exactly. He too was reluctantly signed over to a different rescue because his owner had had a life changing operation. They would be confined to a wheelchair and could no longer look after him.


It’s a desperately sad thing to happen to any dog owner, and we think of them often and how hard that must have been to do. At the same time, their love for the dogs saw them doing what was best for Rogi and Maya respectively.


It’s difficult to sum Maya up – she’s stubborn, beautiful, friendly, affectionate and stone cold bonkers in equal measure. I guess you’d say she’s your average Siberian Husky. No doubt they are beautiful dogs, which is why so many are bought as puppies, but for me their personalities are their selling point. Yes, they can be hard work and need more care than other breeds, but once you’ve let a personality like Maya’s into your home, it would be a quieter, sadder place without it.


If you are looking to adopt a sled dog, and you’ve properly considered the needs of these amazing breeds, I would seriously recommend you have a look at the dogs available for adoption on the site, and find your own Maya.


You won’t be sorry – you may often be muddy, out of breath or laughing your backside off at their latest antics – but you’ll never be sorry.

Buddy & Holly

Adopted by: Mandy & Martin Middleton


I cannot ear wig in on conversations, but I did have a sense that something was different about today, but one thing I did know is that Hollie my sis was with me.  At times I thought I was going to burst with excitement but I did not know why.  As our friends left the van and some of our friends got in, very confusing.  After a forever length of time Hollie became excite as the van stopped, was it bursting time? what, what, what is going on?  Hollie and I left the van and went into a house, it was great to be out the van, we ran round howling, sniffing the house and the garden, little did we know that it was to become our garden, yes our garden.  We went into what you humans call the living room with a nice lady called Mandy, Hollie and I decided to sing a song, it was 'who let the dogs out, by Baha men.  What must she have thought two big smelly dogs bounding around singing, I wonder if she thought we were going to eat her?

Soon we were on the local park literally 5 mins up the road, which I would like to announce is our park now, as when we go on others run off lol.  The park is called Chances Park, what's the chances of today being the start of our future, our forever future. The walk was just what we needed to burn some excess energy, yes you may laugh but us Oldies do have lots of energy.

We got back to the house and explored every nook and cranny in and outside of the house. Until we went to a pet store and got new bowls which was filled with food when we got back, yummy yummy fill my tummy.  After such a busy day we fell asleep. Just before shutting my eyes I Looked over at Hollie she looked so comfortable, I was pleased she was out of the kennels for at least one night.

It was strange waking up somewhere new, and for the next few days we woke up early howling to see the humans so they could take us for a walks, we were a bit demanding.  Hollie said I had to behave and not blow our chance of a forever home.  I tried i did, I did, I did, but it's very difficult.  We must have done something right as we got new beds, we were allowed to sleep in the living room which technically now should be called our bedroom.  Learning a new routine is soooo difficult and trusting new people is even harder, mind Hollie seems to be better at it than me. The humans are good tho they let me take my time and encourage me, plus I get lots of cuddles, Martin sorts out my itches on my head and ears. I cannot hear him say he loves me but I just know he does.

Shut up Buddy it's my turn, I want to tell you all that life here is great, we have so many adventures, experiences and plenty of cuddles. My sore foot finally got better so I can walk for longer without pain, both of us had our injections, we have lost a little weight but that's because we have exciting walks.  But that's the practical things in life, I want to tell you that Buddy and I have a house which turned into a forever home, love and cuddles whenever we want, a warm soft bed, oh and plenty of food and treats. One great thing is that Mandy and Martin have the time and patience to help and understand Buddy which takes some of the stress off me.  It's not days, weeks, but months now and we both have come so far, we still have a little further to go but our family as that's what we are now, part of a family can work out what needs to be worked on.  We even have a brother and sister who come and visit and take us for walks, called Tom and Tara, also a nana who alway has a cupboard full of custard creams. 

We had a night in a kennel the other day Mandy said she would be back tomorrow as she had to go to  Birmingham to see Martins mum 85 years young.  We did not believe her, we thought we were being dumped, but when she came back the next day I fell over with excitement.  Buddy and I know now if we have to go there again we can call it a break and know Mandy and Martin will be back.

Yeah Hollies right we do have it pretty cool here, Mandy sets us challenges and we have already done one which was climb Cat Bells a mountain in the Lakes, i loved being so high and looking down, I love it there loads to see and smell.   Hollie was great as I know she finds it harder than me.

Each day I get so excited about our challenges but what's really great is we get to go home, yes home, what a great word home, hoommee, hoommee, back to our garden, our bed. Yeah I couldn't dream of a better place.

Hey you two chattering away, now it's the humans turn. Buddy and Hollie you did come bounding into our lives with such energy and excitement and your right Buddy I did think you were going to eat me.  Oh and you did smell, but it went away eventually.

Buddy and Hollie you might ask why? Why us? Well I shall tell you, your old and we wanted oldies as less time commitment, plus for you guys sad to say but oldies struggle to be rehomed even harder to rehomed as a pair, we wanted a pair so we had a dog each to walk. While looking on oldies web site we kept going back to you guys and to be honest we thought you will never be rehomed together as Buddy you are deaf and might need extra work. You were a beautiful pair and after some debating we decided to let you come and see if you liked us.

Emailing Laura was the first step, both of us knowing we would have to change our lives for you two to live here.  Little did we know that 2 days later form the web page to our living room you two would be in our lives.  We did have doubts after 4 days which to be fair was our problem as you two are very special individuals, what's the saying something together and nothing parted.  However, we also could see how you both loved your walks, your beds, cuddles and just being loved.  Thats called TLC and that's what you both wanted so we were achieving it, the look in your eyes melted our hearts, we knew if we all tried we would get there, where, somewhere we all could be settled.

It was a huge learning curve for the first 3 weeks or so and it might even be on going for us and you guys, but we are pleased we all took the time to try and understand each other and find out what works and what defiantly doesn't, learning from each other, we knew we would have some issues but issues can be worked through.  Buddy you were more demanding but we always try and see things from your perspective, I know you cannot hear us say I love you but with all the cuddles I'm sure you get the idea.  Hollie you are our girl and we have fun and cuddles, we love you too.

Yes we have had many fantastic walks, the halti which I know your not a fan of  Hollie does save my knees as you are quite a puller, and your harness with your sign on the side Buddy which you love wearing but it also stops you coughing and we all get more sleep.    

Walking up Cat Bells was one of your challenges and you achieved it with ease, but you know there is more to come.  We both love watching you two grow in confidence and fitness each day.  From the little challenges to the big, having you two has been at times tiring but great fun.  You both have individual characters and ways, most which makes us laugh.  No longer can we walk into the kitchen and come out with dry socks, go for a walk and come back clean, go out with doggie bags even when you are not with us, Hoover without an audience, leave a sandwich unattended and expect it to be there when we get back, but what really makes us laugh is we can no longer put on a pair of pants with out causing excitement and howling.  But we know we would not change a thing as you are our beauties causing lots of interest wherever we go.  When we see you both tiered form your walks, full form your dinner, happy and content with our love, we know we are achieving what we set out to do, give you TLC for as long as you need it.

So to all you humans out there thinking of adopting a doggie even better an oldie, like Mike says, just do it, the rewards of buckets full of love, laughter and fantastic walks outweigh any settling in problems which mummy and daddy call hic ups at the beginning, creases which can be ironed out, but Hollie and I say it's great to be home.