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Meet the founder...

                                                 Name: Heather (Hev) 

                                                 Age: 43 

                                                 Favourite past time: I actually like reading books and lately doing                                                   crosswords, word search and Sudoku puzzles. 

                                                 Favourite film: Dirty Dancing and Top Gun

                                                 Favourite music: I’m am a DJ i like all sorts apart from oasis and                                                     Eminem don’t like them

                                                 Favourite food: Puddings anything toffee flavoured 

Area you cover: EVERYWHERE!

How long have you owned a sled dog?

14 years

What made you want a sled dog?

I loved the look of them. 

First sled dogs name and what breed?

SASHA KC registered Siberian Husky 

How long have you been working as a volunteer in animal rescue, and with Saints?

Rescue 10 years, Saints from the beginning

What made you want to join Saints?

I didn't join it, I started it haha

Worst owning a sled dog memory?

Sasha stole someone’s hash cakes when she went to visit she came home and she was stoned. 

Best owning a sled dog memory?

Winning a race with Tovik he never wins. 

A little extra bit of information from the editor, my request for the website information: Photos of you (must be clear face photos) and your of your beasts.

Heathers reply: “I  thought this said breasts not beasts lol could have been an awkward photo haha”

The Boss