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About Us...


Saints Sled Dog Rescue was created back in 2013 when a little girl Athena, the three legged Siberian Husky couldn't find a rescue placement due to needing medical treatment. Foster Mum, Heather Saville took her into her care raising £800 in just a few short hours covering costs of her leg amputation and after care!!


From that moment Heather KNEW she had to do something different and she founded SSDR - who rescue sled dog breeds NO MATTER WHAT!


What We Do...

We are a registered, nationwide charity run by experienced staff who aim to help as many unwanted, neglected or stray Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes through the process of fostering, rehabilitating and re-homing, or simply by supporting their owners with help and advice. The team work alongside other rescue organisations, dog pounds and dog wardens to help ensure that all sled dogs are re-homed in the BEST possible environment which suits each dogs needs. 

At present, many of these dogs have been purchased or bred by people who have little understanding of the needs or these wonderful breeds. Whilst some of the dogs who come into our care do so for genuine reasons, the majority come from puppy farms, back yard breeders and uninformed owners who lack knowledge BEFORE purchasing on of these dogs. Through our educational visits and working demonstrations we hope to improve the future for these dogs, whilst we try to help the ones who need us now through re-homing and one-to-one support.


As well as rescuing sled dogs in the UK, our goal is to continually educate novice owners, breed admirers, supporters and the general public in the UK to help build a better understanding of these incredible breeds. We do this through our social media platforms, our website, through educational visits and one-to-one - including participating in public working and handling demonstrations.


What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

At Saints Sled Dog Rescue, we pride ourselves in ALWAYS putting a dogs life first ensuring we never turn a dog away and giving ALL dogs a chance at a new life regardless of their age, health or behavioural difficulties. We offer every dog rescue backup for life which means they can come back to us any time in the future and 24-hour support for sled dog owners, fosterers and adopters.


All dogs that come into SSDR are neutered, vaccinated, assessed and medically cleared BEFORE leaving for their forever homes. We do take in dogs with special behavioural needs which means that we have to ensure that all homes are assessed correctly to match a home to the DOGS needs.


Meet Our Team!

All of our staff coordinators are volunteers with YEARS of hands on experienced with sled dog breeds, having themselves fostered and/or adopted Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.


They work tirelessly in their spare time, around their working and home life to improve the life of sled dogs in need in the UK. The team provide 24-hour support to their local adopters, fosterers, volunteers and fundraisers via social media chats, email, text, and phone calls.


Our staff work along side some amazing fosterers, volunteers and supporters who devote their time and lives to our cause.


This is Heather Saville, SSDR Founder and this is her team of Staff Coordinators.


Together, they spend every possible day to help rescue and rehome sled dogs around the UK to find them their forever homes... 

These AMAZING coordinators, along with their fosterers, fundraisers, transporters, assessors and donators to make what SSDR do possible!

​Get to know more about Heather and her team below.

About Me...


"I founded Saints back in 2013 after I saved our tri-pawed mascot Athena that NO RESCUE would take in due to needing medical treatment. From that point on I vowed I would help Sled Dogs in need, NO MATTER WHAT!


I have owned Siberian Huskies for 17 years and Malamutes for 11 years and in my time working with rescue dogs I have fostered well over 600...

My magic number of dogs is currently 17, 15 Siberian Huskies, 1 Malamute and 1 Belgian Malinois."

How Can YOU Help?

We are always looking for help and support from volunteers whether it is fostering, transporting, home checking, fundraising or simply just spreading the word of our work.


If you would like to become a part of our AMAZING volunteer team please contact us TODAY!!!

Friends of SSDR

Friends of SSDR...

Take a look at our friends and supporting businesses who help support SSDR fundraising, promoting and making it possible for us to keep up the GREAT work in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming sled dogs in the UK!

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