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The SSDR Mission

" to welcome into our hearts all animals and humans with the unconditional love they deserve offering support, dedication and knowledge - building a community with compassion and respect for all living things.

To provide for everyone’s needs all under one roof, treating every pet like family, making their stay a home-from-home experience while continuing to rescue and re-home sled dogs in the UK."

The SSDR Vision

That we can provide a TOP STANDARD dog Boarding and Sled Dog Rescue Facility which will be self sufficient and have the ability to grow in the future so suit the rapid growth in popularity in dogs as pets.

To facilitate new and experienced owners alike in supporting, education and enhancing experience to build a legacy for generations to come helping rescue, rehabilitate and rehome sled dog breeds. 

SSDR Values

The Saints Sled Dog Rescue Team conducts its duties with:








The Future of SSDR

A Multitude of Services...

The SSDR Boarding and Rescue kennels will be a facility where we offer luxury boarding kennels to dogs of all breeds. The boarding kennels will provide a home-from-home environment offering outstanding care for our clients beloved pets. Not only will we house all breed of dogs we will provide specialist and experienced care to nervous, reactive and difficult dogs, ensuring we never turn a dog away that is looking for temporary care.  


The luxury boarding kennels will help fund our rescue kennels allowing us to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home sled dog breeds at a larger scale than we currently are. Our experienced team will be on site 24/7 to care for  ALL dogs. specialising in dogs with bite histories, fear aggression, illnesses and that suffer with anxiety. Our kennel facilities will offer anxious/nervous dogs a sound proof kennel block to help reduce stress levels of newly rescued dogs with severe anxiety to noises outside of our control. 


Our rescue kennels will be dedicated to helping unwanted, neglected and abandoned sled dogs in the UK as well as holding facilities for other rescues in need of kennel space, emergency kenneling for dogs in need and quarantine kennels for dogs with potential illnesses. The rescue kennels will have its very own educational centre which will grow to help educate the general public, visitors and supporters on the care of ALL BREEDS of dog. It will help us educate generations to come on approaching and caring for dogs as well as being a indoor/outdoor training facility for dog training, talks, seminars and events. 

The educational centre will be used to train current rescues, allowing potential adopters to meet the dogs in a controlled, calm environment which the dogs are accustomed to, ensuring we can make the re-homing process smooth from the word go. 

We aim to invest into our future, building on the kennels to create the UK's VERY FIRST, all-under-one-roof, sled dog rescue and boarding centre which is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing these amazing breeds whilst providing owners with resources at their fingertips to learn, train and support sled dogs in the UK.



Staff with experience of over 15-Years breed experience, specialising in dogs with difficult behaviour.

The onsite facilities will include:

- 2 Boarding Blocks and 2 Rescue Kennel Blocks

- Sound Proof Kennels

- Quarantine kennels

- Doggy Day Care

- Secure Offlead Facilities

- Educational & Training Centre

- Hydrotherapy Pool

- Pet Shop


LUXURY Boarding Facilities

We will hold home-from-home facilities for boarders offering heated dormitories, raised and plush bedding, one-to-one handling, and around the clock care.


Dog Groomers & Doggy Cafe

We will have our very own onsite grooming facility for both kennel dogs and visitors dogs. No need to hang around waiting just head into our dog friendly cafe with or without your four legged friends and try out our cooking skills.


Doggy Day Care & Secure Offlead Facilities

Our doggy day care facility caters for the lone wolves as well as our social butterflies. Some dogs struggle to find care without being in big numbers which is where we offer care for ALL dogs and their needs. We also have our fully secure off lead field open to hire all year around. 


Educational Centre and Behavioural Training Classes

Our educational centre will be designed for educating humans in the care of dogs, as well as indoor dog training and behavioural classes.


Hydrotherapy Pool and Alternative Therapy

Lots of the dogs who come through our rescue have different health needs, especially older dogs which we will be able to provide onsite support for daily rehabilitation with our large hydrotherapy pool and therapy centre.


Onsite 24hr Veterinary Care

The future vision is to have a onsite veterinary practice which will be accessible 24 hours a day, WITHOUT the bank breaking costs!



Being specialists in sled dog breeds we look towards building the UKs BIGGEST sled dog training and experience facility for experienced and novice sled dog owners to experience the working breed first hand. Not only will we have secured tracks we will be able to give non-sled dog owners the chance to learn and experience what it means to work a sled dog. 

We look forward to the years of educating, improving and rescuing sled dogs in need!

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