Patch the Alaskan Malamute 

"I am looking for my happily ever after..."


I am 6-Years-Old

I am a lone wolf

I chase small furries

No children for me please...

I need continued training

i need an experienced owner

I am in the scotland


About Patch... 

Patch is a strong minded boy looking for an experienced handler to offer him a unique home. He is a loyal boy, once you get to know him, who will offer you lots of affection and smiles to his favourite people.

He has been in foster care for 3 years now and is looking for a very specific type of home. 

Patch is a resource guarder with a bite history, due to his guarding he cannot be rehomed inside a household but is looking for someone who has an out door space. He likes to have his own space where he can keep warm and dry with a large run to exercise. Once he gains your trust, he loves long walks, fuss and mental stimulation. 

We know Patch is a very unique boy who needs that extra time to trust people but if you can offer him a forever  home please fill in an adoption form here...