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The Malamute x Husky

AGE: 10.5 Years Old


HOME REQUIRED: Breed experienced

PETS: Pet free home

CHILDREN: Older teenagers only

LOCATION: South West


Shadow is 10.5 years old and he is looking for his forever home. He has had a hard life so far and we are looking for the PAWFECT placement to suit his needs. He has some health issues which need managing through the rest of his life but he does NOT let them get him down. He loves going out for walks to help build his muscle strength, likes playing with his toys and human attention.

He is looking for a pet free home as he has always been a only dog he has grown accustomed to being his humans number one. He would suit a teenage and older home as he does like his space from time to time. Shadow will be on pain relief for life for arthritis, hip dysplasia and cruciate damage. He has received further investigation medically where the vets have advised on measures to make him comfortable and manage his pain.

Shadow is a bigger boy with a typical sled dog attitude and likes to tell you off. He is looking for someone with breed experience and who isn't going to take notice of his grumpy grumbles from time to time.

If you can offer Shadow a forever  home please fill in an adoption form for more information...