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Husky cross Malamute

AGE: 8 Years Old

GENDER:  Female

HOME REQUIRED:  Suit any home

PETS: A pet free home

CHILDREN: Older teens as I have never been around young children

LOCATION: The Wirral

Bailey is a awesome mature young lady looking for a active home. She loves daily walks but can pull on the lead and will need ongoing training is improving this. Bailey loves going to her local secure offlead field for a good run, she can be reactive on the lead but it’s more frustration than aggression, but she can get upset if the dog moves too fast in her face.

Bailey has never lived with another dog but recently she is doing really well interacting on social group walks. She does suffer from separation anxiety and can howl so will need someone home most of the day. She can be a little nervous of strangers coming into her home but once she gets to know you she will be your best friend.

Bailey does love a good fuss and will tell you with a gentle paw or nose nudge when she wants attention. She is a very fast learner and will do anyth
ing for a treat!

If you can offer Bailey a forever  home please fill in an adoption form for more information...


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