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Jess & Lanchie

The Siberian Huskies
Permanent SSDR Foster Dogs

ABOUT Jessica & Avalanche:

Jess and Avalanche are sisters who came into SSDR care over 4 and a half years ago. They are a bonded pair who has NO human socialiation or interaction until the age of 7 years old, the girls were left in squalor with no clean water and very little food.

When we took them into our care they were housed in a home and integrated with a pack of 10 other dogs, over time they have thrived being in bigger numbers gaining confidence and socialisation.

Over the last 4 years Founder Heather has worked with Jess and Avalanche in building trust, although they do not allow humans to pet them, Heather is able to handle them when needed. They cannot be walked on a lead and collar but still get exercise 5 times a week at the secure off lead field. This has been a art in itself but the girls now know to go into their crates where they are transported safely for a run and play.

Due to their special needs and age they cannot be rehomed which means they remain under SSDR care as permanent foster dogs. They receive all the comfort and care they could ask for, including veterinary treatments as and when they need it. They have both had cancer which they have both had removed successfully, they live a very happy life in their pack too.

You can help support Jess and Lanchie donating towards their daily up keep by DONATING HERE...


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