"I am looking for my happily ever after..."

About me...

I am dog friendly but prefer larger breeds.

I am no cat-friendly.

I am very nervous of strangers.

I need training.

I love long walks.

Marley the Husky X GSD - No. 682

AGE:                                                LOCATION:                                                              SEX: 

Likes ​

Marley is a big growing boy who is very loving after given time to get to know you. He absolutely LOVES cuddles, is great with bigger dogs and loves long walks.

Type of home needed

Marley is looking for a home experienced with Malamute type breeds, although he is a GSD cross he has very much the personality of a Malamute. He needs a home who will allow him to gain trust for at least a few weeks, making sure they do not push his boundaries in this time but who won't let him push yours. If you give him a inch he will take a mile so ground rules must be in place and stay that way. He needs solid routine including good exercise and on going training so he knows what to expect daily from his owners.


Marley is great with other dogs and being fostered in a larger pack they have taught him how to be one. A larger breed dog would be advise as although he is friendly after good introductions, he is a growing boy and will be a big dog.


He will need continued training in his new home, no children due to his size and issues with guarding food/toys etc. Also, no small furries.

More information...

Marley is a young dog who hasn't been taught a lot in the beginning of his life. During this time he has learnt to guard possessions to the point that he has bitten, this MUST be approached very slowly by someone who has experience in this. Being fully aware of his history we must stress that in no way should this boy be put in situations where he resorts to biting, while in foster care his progress while it is slow it is very positive. In his time in SSDR he has learnt how to trust his foster family.


He has mouthed in the past but with training this has stopped, needs ongoing training in this to keep him from doing it. Marley dislikes being moved by his collar, guards treats and toys so needs a very slow introduction to these things.


Marley is an amazing boy with a history without boundaries and training, with all these things in place he can be an amazing companion.

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