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Urgent Appeal - Help Sled Dogs In Need!

Saints supporters, we need your help this Easter! We have had so many huge and unexpected vet bills recently we are struggling to keep our heads above water.

This month we have paid out for:

  • £600 for Sharky's medication for pain relief from Arthritis. Sadly Sharky went over the rainbow bridge this week after being diagnosed with Canine Degenerative Myelopathy.

  • £380 for Lady to be spayed along with other medication

  • £400 for Nala for her shave (due to her matted coat) and spay.

  • £300 for Roxy to be spayed, vaccinated and receive her allergy medication.

  • £2,100 for Harley's mammary strip due to lumps on her spine and stomach.

  • And £4,000 for Lulu's cruciate ligament surgery

This doesn’t include the £1,000 a month kennel fees and other emergency bills which have snuck up on us.

We need your help so we can cover these bills as well as any others that comes our way in the near future for other dogs that need our help.

If you can spare any change to donate towards our bills it would be very much appreciated, every penny counts!

You can donate through Paypal by clicking here:

Or you can donate via bank transfer using the details below:

Account name: Saints Sled Dog Rescue Sort Code: 20-67-40 Account No: 93479838

Or if you would like to get involved with Fundraising for us, click HERE to find out more!

Thank you all for your continued support.

The Saints Team x

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