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At Saints Sled Dog Rescue we strive to help sled dogs in need, no matter what!


To do this we need help with vaccinations, neutering, veterinary treatments, transportation and kenneling fees. Every dog which comes through our doors is vaccinated, neutered, flead and wormed before being re-homed. We also make sure any medical treatment is carried out to ensure you have a happy, healthy dog!

Our kennel fees start from £6 a day and go up to £11 a day per dog. We currently have 6 dogs in kennels, 2 of which have been in long term rehabilitation.

Vaccinations start from around £20 per dog up to £45 for re-starts,

Neutering costs between £100 - £200 depending on size and vet practice

Flea treatments £14 and worming £5

Not including any other medical consultations between £25 - £40.


You can help us keep helping more dogs that come through our doors by a simple one off donation or set up a monthly donation with us and sponsoring one of our sled dogs.


You can make a one off donation or monthly donations and make a real difference in a sled dogs life. 

Podge the Husky x
Blu the Husky cross
Patch the Alaskan 
Seran the Alaskan Malamute
Jack the Alaskan Malamute
Loki the Alaskan Malamute
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