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SSDR Kennel Campaign

Our long term goal for Saints Sled Dog Rescue has been, for MANY years, to own our very own kennels and we have been spending the last 2 years fundraising to put a deposuit to enable that dream. 


The benefits of having our very own property are HUUUUUGE: 


  • Boarding costs from private boarding fees are reduced and give us the change to work with our more difficult dogs on a daily basis - giving them a higher chance of finding a forever home.

  • We would be able to rescue MORE dogs annually - we currently rehome around 120 dogs per year, with just 12 kennels we could potentially rehome over 300 dogs per year, over DOUBLE the dogs being rescued than relying on volunteer foster placements!

  • Potential owners would be able to visit the dogs on site and speak to the team face-to-face for advice.


The advantages for the dogs AND us as a charity on a whole is enormous, being one of the only sled dog charities in the UK that will rehabilitate dogs with behavioural difficulties, medical problems and even bite histories, this would be a big benefit for dogs and their owners looking for new homes.

By 2023 we would love to be on the road to finding our very own property to rent with a view to buy, or to get a mortgage on a property. We have HUGE plans which would not only benefit us, but create a facility designed to help dogs and their owners, all under one roof.

Our facilities include:

  • Luxury licenced boarding kennels for owners to place their dogs into a happy environment where they receive care around the clock, with last walks before lights out dog dogs AREN'T left in their kennels for over 12 hours over night.

  • 24 rescue and rehabilitation kennels for rescue dogs.

  • 6 sound proof kennels which can be rented for noise sensitive dogs.

  • 2 x secure off lead areas with 7 foot fencing which is hirable all year round.

  • Storage areas.

  • Doggy Day Care.

  • Onsite shop: selling sell dog food, supplements, bedding and equipment etc. to our adopters and kennel visitors.

  • Dog training and educational facility to help us educate owners new and old, also offering services for young people to learn about the importance of the welfare of animals.


We are also able to share our facilities with wider audience by offering availability to hire our facilities for classes, breed meets etc hosting open days, holding smaller fundraising events, training days and workshops to name but a few.



Fundraising for the SSDR kennels is not a easy task and a BIG part to play in our fundraising is the Just Giving fundraising tool. Just Giving allows us to set up a fundraising taget open to donators and supporters, not only for direct donations but also so YOU can create your very own fundraiser to help us raise the much needed funds!

You can create your very own fundraiser in just a few easy steps, check our attached guide for more information HERE!



Would go towards our dream of opening the SSDR kennels to help MORE sled dogs in need.


Would buy us 2 secure exercise areas for the SSDR kennel dogs to use daily. This would help stimulate their mind, as well as exercise them and allow them to decompress without the stress of being on a lead.


Would buy us a 1 acre secure off lead to us to rent out to sled dog owners, just like you. 


Would help buy a single block of 12 rescue kennels. This would allow us to rescue on average 144 dogs PER YEAR!


Would allow us to put a deposit down on a property for a mortgage and start our dream journey!

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