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Siberian Huskies are a high energy breed from a strong working background known for intelligence and sometimes falling into the 'naughty' category. They aren't the easiest breed but if you put the effort in with them they are an AMAZING family dog.

Huskies are a robust dog bred for cold, harsh climates and the ability to run pulling weight for a prolonged period of time. They are a pack animal that likes to be around other dogs or its humans and work well integrated into a family unit. Despite their striking good looks there is a LOT more to this breed than meets the eye...

Breed Traits
the good, the bad and the HUSKY!

Extraverts Huskies are outgoing and friendly, they LOVE people and you will often see them excitable, energetic and sometimes jump up when meeting new people / dogs.


Pack Animals They thrive in larger numbers and LOVE to be around their families. Due to this they often have separation anxiety when in single dog house holds - husky left alone can develop undesirable behaviors such as eating your carpet.

Athletic Huskies are an active breed that NEED daily exercise rang approx 2 hours, depending on age. Their favourite thing to do is run so why now look at training them on a bike, rig or scooter! Check out the Sled Dog Activities section for more ideas. 


Escape Artists They can clear 6 foot fences, dig under or even go through fences if they see a opportunity to do so. Minimum fence WE ask for is 6 foot. 


Shedders They have a dense double coat which require weekly brushing. Your best friend will become the vacuum cleaner BUT they do have self cleaning coats which means bath times are only needed when absolutely necessary and they don't have that 'doggy' smelling fur when wet!!

Gardners Huskies LOVE to dig!!

Intelligent Huskies are a THINKING dog and will often weigh up what you are asking them to do first - no one is saying they will do it unless it is worth their while.

Predators The breed have naturally HIGH prey drive meaning that off lead is NOT an option. They will bolt if they see small furries or game and your calls will become insignificant. They don't usually do well with smaller pets in the home, only a select few.


SLED DOGS Although they are bred in warmer climates, they are a cold weather dog which means hiking in summer months is out of the question. Remember their first job is to PULL if you don't like to be pulled on a lead maybe they aren't the breed for you.

Deaf or just ignorant? Huskies don't always respond well to instruction and momentarily deafness is a real risk - especially with recall.

Opportunists Give a inch they will take a MILE! They know how to work around weakness with you, set boundaries and get into a GOOD routine. Sometimes you just have to be as stubborn as a husky to win.

Destructive they are very well known for their destruction if they become bored from digging holes to destroying a sofa... You have been warned.

A Brief History of the
Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky originated from the Chukchi Tribe who bred them as a working dog with POWER, INTELLIGENCE AND ATHLETICISM. They have the ability to sustain freezing temperatures with stamina to pull a weighted sled along with a team of huskies for miles at a time.

The husky was not only built for speed and resilience but to be easily maintained with the intake of small amounts of food, great around family members and to work well with other sled dogs.                                                                
The Siberian Husky is well known for its good looks with diverse coat colours, its STUNNING eyes and clever mind, but here are a few things SSDR think you need to know before deciding to welcome this amazing breed into your lives. 

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