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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Hi Everyone, We MADE IT!

Yesterday, (17th January 2021) was out 8th birthday... Happy Birthday too uuuuus, happy birthday to us, happy BIRTHDAY Saints Sled Dog Rescuuuuuuue... OK enough of that!! 8 Years, over 800 dogs , 1 cat and still counting... How amazing is that? Our rescue coordinators, fosters, fundraisers and supporters have been working tirelessly for years to keep up with the increase in demand of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming sled dogs in the UK and we have made it to year 8 WELL DONE everyone!!

With 2020 having been one of the HARDEST years yet, we still managed to rehome over 100 sled dogs to their forever successfully and managed to keep our head above water without being able to go to fundraising show it has been a stretch. But, forget about the past lets look at the present and we want 2021 to be OUR YEAR OF SUCCESS.

To celebrate our 8th Birthday we have launched our very first BIG project Buy-A-Brick for Kennels.

The Buy-A-Brick project has been talked about a looooooot over the last year and will help us raise a least £200,000 towards the build of the SSDR Boarding & Rescue Kennels - something that we need more NOW than EVER!

The last year especially, we have seen a high demand for bringing in sled dogs into care with behavioural issues, medical issues or dogs who need to be rehomed at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, being that we use volunteers in their foster homes, we struggle to find placements for these dogs especially with people who have the experience to take these dogs in. The SSDR Kennels would mean that we could help us save MORE dogs than need our help, especially dogs like SSDR Patch, Mally, Nanuck, Lulu and Marley who are our kennels dogs that need that little extra help finding a suitable home. We want to give ALL dogs a second chance... But we need your help.

Raising £200,000 isn't going to be easy, however, with the help of our AMAZING supporters we think that we can smash it! We are starting off with the Buy-A-Brick campaign which we have been working with the Fundraising Engraving UK team who have come us with some beautiful designs making our project not only look great, it is affordable for everyone donations starting at just £20 and it a unique project in itself with our NEVER done before, Tiled Picture Wall which will sit in the reception of our kennels. Enough talk for now, take a look at our amazing designs, read about our project and find out more on how you can get involved with fundraising with us! EVERY PENNY HELPS PAVE OUR WAY TO SUCCESS.

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