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We would like to wish our very own mascot Athena a VERY happy 9th birthday...

For those who don't know, Athena is THE reason why Saints Sled Dog Rescue was founded and why we have been able to help rescue almost 900 dogs (and 1 cat) to date whilst spending THOUSANDS of pounds on dogs needing veterinary treatment.

Back in 2013 Founder Heather rescued Athena after no other rescue would offer her a placement in their care. She needed surgery on her front leg due to a deformity which would cost around £700. Heather decided to share Athena's story on Facebook and within a few hours she managed to raise £800 to cover Athena's medical bills and after care. From then on, Heather vowed she would help rescue and rehome Siberian Huskies & Alaskan Breeds NO MATTER WHAT!!

In 8 years Athena has done so much. She has traveled the country to rescue dogs, attended fundraising events, sat in a fire engine (and had a photo with a fire man!), been in the newspapers and of course, created a legacy for over 800 sled dogs...

To celebrate Athena's birthday we have a month of fundraising and fun events. Coming up for Athena's Birthday Month:

- SSDR BIG BIRTHDAY RAFFLE (Human and dog prizes to be won!) - Athena's Summer Dog Show from 8th - 31st July - Saint's 8 Day Summer Auction from 22nd - 30th July - Pick-A-Breed Competition with a chance of WINNING £50 CASH! - Athena's Kennel Fundraiser... YOU can get involved in fundraising for a FANTASTIC cause to help build the SSDR kennels. Keep checking our Facebook Page for more information!

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