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Saints Sled Dog Rescue Annual Camp!

This year we will be hosting the Saints Sled Dog Rescue Annual Camp online due to COVID restrictions! But do not be disheartened as we have a fun filled weekend for you to enjoy and this year's theme is COUNTRY AND WESTERN STYLE so cowboys, cowgirls, sheriffs and all you outlaws giddy up because we are coming to town!! Yeeeeee Hawww!

This year we're planning on the following activities:

- SSDR Online Dog Show - Virtual Quiz Night - OGNIB (Backwards Bingo) - Virtual Talks

- Challenges - BIG CAMP RAFFLE - Competitions

And much MORE!!

So let the countdown begin! Make sure you've joined our Facebook group to attend the event and for more information on the weekend, click here:

We hope to see you there!

The Saints Team x

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