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Saints Slimmers Fitness and Wellbeing Club

We're super excited to announce that we are working in partnership with fitness professional Dave Warner to host The Saints Slimmer Fitness and Wellbeing Online Club! The club has been designed to bring together like minded dog owners who are looking to get fit and healthy during lockdown.

Dave will work with you to meet your fitness targets at a realistic level to suit you.

We're offering a weekly pay as you go membership or a four week membership, both of which include:

- Diet and nutrition advice

- Exclusive access to online fitness videos and tutorials

- 24/7 advice from our fitness professional

- A private space to talk to a community of like minded individuals

- A chance to privately submit weekly weigh-ins and measurements with our instructor

....and the best part?

You'll be hitting your realistic fitness targets whilst raising funds for the sled dogs in need!

Here's our fitness professional Dave to tell you a bit more about the club:

To start your fitness journey with us, click on your preferred membership option:

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and thank you for enabling us to help more sled dogs in need!

The Saints Team x

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05 févr. 2021

This is Loki.We’ve had him 6 months now. Love him to bits.

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