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Check out our Christmas Virtual Events!!!

SSDR Virtual Christmas Party


Santa and Sled Dog Ramble - 12k for 12 days of Christmas

Join us at the Saints Sled Dog Rescue Virtual Christmas Party 2020.

Our event is FREE to join all you have to do is head on over to the Saints Virtual Christmas Party and Ramble Group to join the FUN!!!!

The Party will take part on Zoom and our FB group and we have a night of:

- The SSDR Christmas Quiz
- The BIG XMAS RAFFLE (tickets which can be purchased on our online shop from Saturday 21st November) Top Prizes include BRAND NEW SLED DOG SCOOTER KIT, DOG RIG, FULL HARRY POTTER BOOK SET WORTH £70, A SMART SPEAKER and many maaaaany more items.
- Best Dressed Living room Competition

To get you all in the mood for Christmas you will ALSO be able to buy a SSDR Christmas Party Box from our online shop £5 per box... You really aren't going to want to miss out!!

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The BIG Christmas Raffle

As part of the Saints Virtual Christmas Party we will be drawing the BIG raffle on Sunday 5th December via Facebook Live!

We have some BRILLIANT prizes to be won at just £2  a ticket which can be purchased via our ONLINE SHOP

Check out our current PRIZES UP FOR GRABS!!!



Check out our VERY FIRST Virtual Challenge The Santa And Sled Dog Ramble - 12K for 12 Days of Christmas!!!

From this event we are hoping to raise £10k towards the SSDR Boarding and Rescue Kennel fund. For our kennel campaign we are looking to raise £200,000 in order to set up our VERY OWN charity kennels so we can truly change the future for sled dogs in need.

To find out more about the SSDR Boarding and Rescue Kennel Fundraiser click HERE!


We are hosting our very first 12K virtual challenge with hopes to raise funds for our future SSDR Boarding and Rescue Kennels. ALL proceeds from this event will go to building a future for ALL sled dogs in the UK.

For the challenge we are looking for 100 people to take part in the 'Santa and Sled Dog Ramble' to raise a minimum of £100 each from sponsorships while carrying out our 12K for 12 Days challenge.

As seen as it is a Christmas Challenge we want to make sure you get into the Christmas spirit and on purchasing will receive your SSDR Fundraising Challenge pack, this will include: 1 x SSDR Purple Santa Hat, SSDR Sponsorship forms and a SSDR Pen.

Once your challenge has been completed you will be rewarded with a limited-edition Santa And Sled Dog Ramble Medal. There are only 100 of these to collect so once they are gone, they are gone!!



1. Head over to our website SHOP page .

2. Sign up by purchasing and paying for your entry into the Santa and Sled Dog Ramble 12k Virtual Challenge.

3. Run, walk, jog or bike your 12km. This can be done with or without a dog but you MUST log your challenge via phone app or watch.

4. Join our Saints Virtual Christmas Party and Ramble Facebook group and post your results on our page!!!

5. You have 12 days to complete the challenge so even if you aren't the fastest walker, there is always time for you.

6. Once you receive your medal and post a pic!

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-Black husky wall plaque

- Top paw adjustable harness size large

- Girls bangle by Rox

- Cosy socks gift set

- Puzzle book

- Umbrella set

- Purse set

- Ladies watch set

- Mug gift set

- Mug gift set

- Decorative block sign

- Ted Baker Gift Set

- Hand made photo frame 2pc

- Robot Reusable Face Mask

- Pretty Patisserie bath set

- Name A Star Gift

- Natural Dog Treat Gift Box

- Howling Wolf Sun Catcher - Personalisable

- SSDR Xmas Mug

- SSDR Xmas Mug

- SSDR Tote Bag

- SSDR Tote Bag

- SSDR Lanyard

- SSDR Lanyard

- Pet hair dissolver

- 100 childrens toy soldiers

- XL red dog harness sixe 31-37 inches

- Large husky teddy

- Husky hat with hand warmers

- Busy buddy ultra thick treat rings

- Stripe dog outfit medium 36-43cm

Smart bones chicken flavour

- Beco Pocket pink poop bag dispenser and 15 poop bags

- Reflective ID tag

- Dog treats pets at home

- Dog treats pets at home

- Dog jacket small size

- Advanced dental spray pocket sized for dogs

- Advanced dental foam for dogs

- Breath Freshener for dogs

- Advanced dental foam for dogs

- Dental Foam for dogs

- Purina Dentallife small 5 packs

- Purina Dentallife small 5 packs

- Husky throw 150cm x 200cm

- Husky vinyl sticker for laptop, car, tablet 7cm wide x 10cm tall

- Beware crazy husky lady tote bag

- Husky faux fur blanket size 200 x 240cm

- Wooden hanging husky sign

- Husky figurine 15cmx4x9cm

- Ladies husky scarf grey

- Pink dog bed my friend 36x24inches

- Black dog bed (my friend( 36inches by 24 inches

- Black dog bed (my friend( 36inches by 24 inches

- Purple dog bed 36x23"

- Purple dog bed 36x23"

- Prown dog bed i love my dog 36x24"

- Elephant squeaky dog toy

- Double sprout and carrot dog toy

- Kong small tennis balls

- Purple soft dog toy

- Santa crinkle dog toy

- Lola Start Necklace

- Nivea mens pack

- Dove set

- Malamute mug

- Wolf hoodie size small

- Cute plush doggy

- White Leaf Rectangles earrings and necklace set

- Harry Potter Complete Book Set

- Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

- Large dog door

- XL blue biothane dog collar

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