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Covid-19 and Supporting Saints From Home...

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Covid-19 has become a very big reality for a lot of people in the UK, and around the world. While some people are doing us a MASSIVE service on the front lines, making sure the country keeps going others are staying safe in doors - hopefully with a few dogs for company. Thank you to ALL those amazing people who are still at work and keeping us all going from the postmen and women, shop workers, delivery companies, NHS workers and all those volunteers who are out there help too. A HUGE thank you.

As a rescue we are trying to keep our heads above water ensuring all the dogs in our care are being looked after, their foster families are happy and healthy while looking after our dogs for us and that all of our volunteer supporters are staying safe where they can.

Although we aren't currently moving ANY dogs in or out of our rescue we are taking in applications ready for once the lockdown has been lifted. Where we are able, staff members are carrying out over the telephone assessments which will be completed once we are able to send volunteers out for the final stages of the home check.

We would also like to make people aware that if you are having difficulty with a dog you are looking to re-home, staff members are available online and to take calls for those who might need a little bit of advise in the meantime. Please, do not hessitate to contact a team member and we hope will we be on hand, as and when you need it.


We have a few exciting updates to fill you in on. Winter the Alaskan Malamute our March DOG OF THE MONTH has finally been RESERVED! Ready to go off to his brand new home very soon.. Aprils dog of the month is the luuuuuurvley Tuaq! Keep your eyes peeling for his Pup-dates and lets find him is forever home...

We are also saying a happy goodbye to: Rukia, Shado, Loki, Lola, Kobi, Anoushka, Bella, Mishka, Nanuq and Tundra who have ALL found their forever homes.

BAD NEWS - Unfortunatley, due to the events which are taking place we have had to cancel the SSDR Annual Camp of 2020 until further notice. It is looking most likely to be cancelled for 2020 but more information on a new date, if at all possible this year, will be announced in due course...

Now, for a bit of the fun stuff. While some of us are all being good and keeping indoors we are hoping to carry out several fundraisers over the coming weeks to keep you entertained and keep our spirits HIGH.

Although the big SSDR 2020 Camp has been cancelled until further notice, we have decided to have our camp ONLINE!!! Who will be joining in the FUUUUUN? At home tenting and BBQ's are welcomed and we would LOVE to see all you guys photos while having fun.

Coming up over the May bank holiday weekend will be:

- SSDR Fun Dog Show - 12 categories, 3 days and LOTS and LOTS of dogs!

- Online Quiz Free entry with a chance at winning the quiz trophy.

- OGNIB - Bingo with a twist, £1 per ball and chances of winning a HUGE £50... other prizes are also available.

As we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day we are ALSO having a WWII themed fancy dress competition to win the ULTIMATE SSDR HAMPER! Head over to our Facebook Page for more information on how to get involved.

The Easter Egg Hunt quiz which took place over the Easter weekend has now been extended until Friday 17th April to give EVERYONE a chance to enter. Go via our Facebook Group page. Simply join our page, find Heathers post from Monday 13th April and all you have to do is match these answers to the questions...

Get your thinking caps on everyone:





























Dawn Storm

Before you go, be sure to check out our website updates you can now Meet Our Mascots and read more about: Princess Athena, Tyson the Malamute, Evil Ewok, Faith, Sky-sky and also Dolly the eyeless husky, more updates coming soooooooon.

Please keep a eye out across all our social media platforms for dog updates, competitions and all round FUN to keep those spirits high.

Be like Evil Ewok and stay safe everyone!!!

Saints x

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